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Frequently Asked Questions.

TRAVEL - How far will you travel to inspect my car?
We are prepared to work for you anywhere in the UK and Europe.  We receive enquiries from as far afield as USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Will it matter if I am not present during the inspection?
We appreciate that during week days and for clients living a long way from the test car, you may not be able to meet us.  We can telephone you after the inspection to advise the basis of our findings and whether to buy the car or not.  We are unequivocal and clear in our answers to you.

QUESTIONS - Can we question the inspector out of commercial hours?
Unlike some large inspection companies, we do not have engineers on or off "shift."  They are readily available outside normal working hours.

INSURANCE - Are you fully insured?
We carry fully comprehensive trade insurance for testing your vendor's car.

AUCTIONS - Do you visit auctions?
Yes, subject to the approval of the auctioneer and his conditions of availablity/viewing/jacking of the car.

NEGOTIATION - Do you negotiate price for us?
We can, where necessary and appropriate, talk with your prospective vendor both to highlight any concerns we have over our findings with the car and can often prompt the vendor to consider their position regarding their sale price.  It is possible that a reduction of price could arise which might be more than the fee we charge for our inspection service.

PHOTOGRAPHS - Can you supply photos of the car?
We can upload digital photos to you from digital camera at no extra cost.

POST PURCHASE - Something has gone wrong with a car that I did not have inspected - can you help?
We offer post-purchase inspections with our "parties in dispute" service where we can act as expert witness and make our findings known to you and the vendor.  Where the circumstances allow in law we can mediate for you with that vendor for reparation or refund of some of your purchase funds.

We are familiar with the operation of protective legislation plus law of contract and that relating to tort (wrong) in the UK.

SALE - Pre-Sale Inspection?
We extend our service to pre-sales also.  The same reference frames apply as with our findings for pre-purchase inspections.  They are all unbiased, unequivocal and impartial.

VALUATION - Do you handle Valuation only services?
Yes - please click on "Valuations" for details

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