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About The Classic Car Inspector.

Established in 1979, John Vines AffIMI, AMSOE, AMIRTE Managing Director of Yale Engineers Ltd. operates car inspections, along with his son Daniel as Company Secretary.  
It is a small family company with a highly experienced mature Engineer who is CPR (Civil Procedures Rules) Section 35 Compliant.  
John lectures on medieval history, arts and science in his spare time. 

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Jenson Interceptor. Quite a number of faults including some commensurate with age of car. We advised the client accordingly and suggested a substantial reduction in price. the client held up the purchase and we were advised by him that car had been later sold at auction around the lower price that we had suggested. Reputable Trader-Vendor, faults unknown to him.

Porsche 911-T 1971 £16,000. This car needed immediate attention to brake hoses which were rubbing where they should not! Missing front brake caliper dowel. Heat exchangers burnt away plus lights and washers needing attention plus zero oil pressure indicated at times. Client re-considered his position in light of our findings.

DMC DeLorean. Air con faulty. Structural corrosion needing immediate attention. Auto transmission tired. Client held up the purchase and saved thousands.

Jaguar XJS. Quite nice, but needed new front
brake pads, plus attention to washers and PAS service. Brake pedal master cylinder faulty, all of which was handled satisfactorily by reputable Trader-Vendor.

Mercedez-Benz SL320. Nice condition. Air conditioning needed regassing. Light rust of engine core plugs. Reputable Trader-Vendor attended client's requirements. Client had peace of mind.

Lagonda Rapier £35,000. Nice! Attention required to worn timing chain but rectified by reputable Trader-Ventor. Client happy.

Bentley Straight-Eight seen in Germany. Car required attention to gearbox costing some £5,000.

Restoration first stage. Notable structural corrosion found and client decided to carefully consider his position over this particular specimen. Reputable trader.