Types of Vehicle

All classic, prestige and contemporary cars. (We have many years' experience with Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Porsche of any age).

Budget end of the market cars.

Commercial vehicles, including horse-boxes up to, but not including HGV weight.

Classic Car Inspector - Porsche Classic Car Inspector - Delorean

Porsche 911-T 1971 £16,000. This car needed immediate attention to brake hoses which were rubbing where they should not! Missing front brake caliper dowel. Heat exchangers burnt away plus lights and washers needing attention plus zero oil pressure indicated at times. Client re-considered his position in light of our findings.

Delorean. Air con faulty. Structural corrosion needing immediate attention. Auto transmission tired. Client held up the purchase and saved thousands.


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