Comprehensive full jacking up inspections covering the following:

  • Paint condition and depth (viewed standing up)
  • Shutting clearances for symmetry
  • Glass and upholstery
  • Cavities and panelling for signs of both structural and panelling reinstatement plus corrosion (using swivelling mirrors and quartz-halogen inspection lamps with the same colour / temperature as sunlight)
  • Structure and panelling viewed from the underside of the car, again for any reinstatement and / or corrosion.
  • Underside components checked - wheels, tyres, brakes, suspension components, engine / transmission, exhaust / fuel system, oil / fuel leaks
  • Lights and electrical
  • Fluid levels and their condition
  • Vehicle identification and confirmation plus provenance

Any accident, repairs or structural compromises will be detected in the course of these operations, together with all elements of the safety of the vehicle.


In depth road test during which the symmetry of the steering / braking is checked, plus engine power output and gas emissions and a check for noisy transmissions. Turbo, anti-skid braking systems, cruise control and traction control, if applicable, will also be tested.

Classic Car Inspector - Mercedes Classic Car Inspector - Silver Bentley

Red Mercedes. Proved a good buy, but after attention to propshaft doughnut, front brake discs and exhaust pipe hanger. Saved client some £800.

Silver Bentley Arnage Red Label £65,000.
No major faults and client had peace of

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